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 Mister Spain Universe 2015
 4th Runner-Up & Mister Photogenic at Men Universe Model 2015 contest.

 Yovany is 28 years old Mister Spain Universe.  
 Yovany comes from Los Llanos de Aridane. Height 1.87 cm.


 1. Yovany, how would you describe yourself ?
  - I am a dynamic, resolute and dreamy.
 2. What is your favourite food ?
  - A good lasagna.

 3. Drink ?
 - Piña colada.

 4. The Most important things in your life ?
 - The love for what I do and my dreams: family, learning so much and job.

 5 Your dreams ?
 - I want to be an actor & Model for important marks.
 6. Favourite film ?

 - Django.
 7. Actor ?
 - Great Michael Jackman.

 8. Are you happy in Spain ?
 - I'm happy always in Spain or other place, no problem for travel at abroad.






























































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